Are you searching powerful short quotes that will inspire you to do new things? You are in the right place. We wrote the most amazing inspirational quotes that will make your day a new hope. Discover each fragmente below 🙂

  1. Winter, more than a season
    Do you remember those times when you had a cold sometime? You were never
    alone, you always had something or someone by your side. So why not
    take advantage of this season?
  2. Books, a wonder to discover
    Have you ever thought about what’s inside a book? If you thought there are only pages, you are wrong, there is a whole story to discover. Then why do not you start reading one?
  3. One priceless thing, our time
    Have you ever thought about what is the use of having everything if I do not have more time?
  4. Today is the future of yesterday
    Every day that passes takes a yesterday that will not return, do not waste time, do the things you want to do now and not tomorrow.
  5. Travel to the city of your dreams
    We think about going on a trip, but have you ever set out on a trip to get to know yourself? Discover it by doing it, you just need a little time and you will see how satisfying it will be.
  6. Greetings, a gesture of kindness
    The best thing in life is that you have to live, not someone else. To do so, start by making small gestures that fill your life with happiness like that of others.
  7. A Smile can change your life
    Sometimes the best of life goes unnoticed before our eyes, so a good lesson to learn from day to day, is to start smiling.
  8. The ideal friend never goes unnoticed
    Many times we believe that everything that shines is an indestructible wonder, but it is not always. Therefore, learning to value what we can not appreciate at a glance is really fascinating. Remember, you only live once, live it!
  9. Thank you, more than a thank you
    Sometimes we think that thanks is more than a synonym for courtesy, but it is not. It is an act that has no name, but an extremely great value for the person who receives it.
  10. The negative, a photo of the old
    If things did not happen as you expected, imagine that it was just an old photograph that you no longer want to keep and forget it in the trunk of memories.
  11. Passings things, things that disappear
    To believe that things stay with us forever is to lie, everything will at some point go away, not just things.
  12. Whoa! The beautiful is not always perfect
    Whenever we observe something that we like a lot we think it is the ideal for us, however, when we have it we realize that it was not. No one can not change your life, you only can do that!
  13. Stars, opposite directions
    You choose the way, the direction the way
  14. The small, the biggest
    We usually measure everything by its size, but not by its kindness.
  15. The light of your eyes are the mirrors of the soul
    Sometimes we think that the things we do only we know, but we do not realize that we reflect them through our eyes
  16. Jump, because you only run once
    Life does not allow you to do two things at the same time, but if you do one and then the other you will achieve it
  17. Love, a wonderful art
    The art of not seeing the obvious has its magic and is called love.
  18. Spiders, little things that we see but do not touch
    The roads are different, but the start is the same.
  19. Being kind, more than a simple gesture of love
    There is not always time to show our LOVE for others, why not start doing it now?
  20. A word, a world to discover
    Only one word can change everything, so decide you can do it!
  21. Unexpected moments, invaluable moments
    Casualties are not simply events that happen, but become memories for life
  22. An illusion, a hope asleep
    Do not look for the perfect moment, create it yourself. It is time to start living.
  23. Wake up, today is the day
    Remember that each day is totally different from others. That’s why you should enjoy every second you spend. Do not play with the time, it has a limit.
  24. Mother, a world without her
    Have you ever thought about what would happen if your mom was not with you? If you’ve ever done it, you may have realized that sometimes time is worth more than anything else, especially if it’s the time you enjoy with your loved ones. Therefore, value every space you have to talk to them, because it will be impossible to do it once they are no longer by your side.
  25. Dream, turn the imaginary into reality
    The world is full of opportunities, you just have to catch it to start changing. Now is the time, do not wait, because maybe someone else will get it before you. Remember that every second that passes will never come back.
  26. Hello, a greeting to start the day
    Sometimes we think that a simple gesture does not mean anything, but it is the opposite, it can change everything. It’s time to start sharing moments that fill your life with happiness and that of others.
  27. Flower, an aroma of a thousand flavors
    What could we do with a flower?</span> Many things, right? One of them is to make the person of our dreams fall in love, but we could also hurt her, right? Things exist, but finally we give the use we want, of course not always the best.
  28. Siblings, more than a friends
    The family is not only a bond of union, it is more than that, it is to love one another. Within that relationship there is something called trust, a link that allows us to trust in the other. Who else to be our best friend than our siblings?
  29. A look, an infinite distance
    How many times have we looked at someone? Many times, right? However, have you ever thought about the distance between you and that look? It is not only a matter of seeing the superficial but of something more than perhaps we are about to know.
  30. Beach, a beautiful place to enjoy
    Many times we feel depressed or distressed by something that happened to us during the day, but why let sadness isolate us from everything? We can go out and have a good time with friends or the person that we love in a place where we can think calmly and forget everything that overwhelms us. It’s time to leave sadness behind and smile 😀 !!
  31. A smile, a gesture of love
    Emotions are small streams that flow within us, turning the normal into the incredible. Sometimes just a small gesture is enough to fall into a deep sleep, from which we can not wake up until we realize that we are hypnotized. If you feel it, do not just let it be a sensation, turn it into a reality. Everything can be done, if you do it with all your energies.
  32. Wish, more than illusion
    How many times have we believe that wishes come true? Many times right? However, that idea is not completely true if you don’t put your effort to do rights things in the right moment. The majority of times people only have the illusion to reach it, but they never do the rights things to achieve it. Then, ¿How will we hope that those wishes come true if we don’t do anything? It’s time to start changing what we do to get results.
  33. Read, A wonder hidden in the depth
    How many times have we wanted to read, but when we started we left it on the first page? Have you ever wondered why this happens? The answer is very simple, in the same way that we judge things by the first impression, the same happens with the pages of a book, but the worst is that we still do not know what it is and we are already criticizing. Do not expect things to discover themselves, you have to discover them.
  34. Fragment, a part of everything
    To think that things happen because they have to happen is a wrong conception, because we only see a part of the whole, and not everything. Maybe we never get to know what we still have to discover, but we can build what we want to see, we just need to find the right pieces to make them fit into the puzzle of life.
  35. Magic, something so far from reality
    Why believe that something so far away can not be reality? We only have to walk towards what we want, do not waste your time and go for it, you can do that. What are you waiting for? Do it now!
  36. Hypocrisy, the mask of life
    Many times we are unfair with our actions, we even wear masks to hide our true feelings. But why do this? Remember that the achievements of another person should be our greatest incentive in life, because a happy person makes others happy. Let’s start to change, not everything is gray at the end of the road, but it is up to us to do the right thing to start filling our lives with triumphs that fill us with joy.
  37. A photo, a memory in time
    How many times do we see the time pass quickly? There’s no clear way to identify it, right? But we usually associate them directly with the things we love. Why? The answer is very simple: “We do not want them to leave”. Therefore, memories are not just photographs, they are memories that will remain throughout our lives. It is up to us to erase o preserve them.
  38. Aroma, absence unknown
    What do we feel when the fragrance of a perfume reaches us? Immediately we try to identify it right?, but if we can not distinguish it, what do we do? We search it, why? Very simple, we like it. If it were the opposite, we would ignore it. What we often try to know, we only need to perceive it.
  39. A grain, so similar but different
    Do you know the wheat? They are small circular formations that look all the same in the distance, but they are not at all. At first glance they all have the same colors, shape, size and others. But do you really know its taste? No right? This is known once it is tested. The same happens with people, you have to know them to know how they are. Remember that not all flavors are the same once mixed, some change flavor.
  40. Love, a crazy illusion
    Many times we forget the true meaning of love, we confuse it with an unbridled obsession, losing reason. We even invade spaces that do not belong to us, leaving them breathless. We know the consequences, but that’s how we get carried away. Remember that the special is not necessarily locked in a box, but what we appreciate freely.
  41. The twilight, the bright light that disappears
    Sometimes the sorrows that life gives us are so strong that they go through the deepest part of us, it is also true that they arrive at the most unexpected moment. But have you thought about what would happen if they did not exist? It simply would not exist, because we were always happy, and what would happen? There would be no change in our lives and we would cease to exist, for the simple fact we live happily. Things appear and disappear, do not stop them, let them go.
  42. Time, something that we will miss very soon
    Most of the part of our lives we worry about being perfect, giving the best of ourselves, but we never take conscience about the time, it will go and never go back. Remember, the clock’s needles move forward instead of going back, so enjoy every second of your life while you are alive, because once you are no longer here there will be no way to do it. Have fun doing the things you like, not others.
  43. Whim, an imperfect wonder
    We believe that things can be shaped to our liking, but we are totally wrong. The justification is very simple, can you mold a stone? Of course, but it will break if you do not do it carefully, and for that it takes time. However, it will never become perfect, it will always keep a small imperfection. Something similar happens with people, we can adapt them but we will not know if they can live in the right way. We can not change from one moment to another, but gradually.
  44. Change, a limit without form
    You can not change something you do not know, first you have to find its beginning and then start discovering it. Once you begin to walk on it, you will begin to realize that there is no way other than the one you have already drew. Everything you do will change its shape, because you will break that to get the mold you want.
    Remember, changes do not exist, they are just forms that adapt to what you want.
  45. A word, a partial meaning
    What is happiness for you? Maybe all the things you crave in this life, right? It’s a very common answer, but for a moment you have thought what would happen if you had it all?, would you be completely happy? Sure you will think that yes, but it is not true there will always be something new that you want to have. Everyone have a different definition of happiness, for someone it means goals, while for other people it will be other thing. Something that makes you feel happy not always make others happy in the same measure. Everyone want something and sometimes we are so egocentric that we only think in ourselves leaving aside others. Share your happiness not to the extent of your tastes but in the equity of them.
  46. Melody, a set of sounds
    The letters are a set of unitary sounds that do not have a meaning by themselves. However, the opposite happens when we join them right? At first glance it is totally true, but it is not completely true. Each union has a different meaning depending on the context in which it is located. Just as the variation of the context can bring a meaningful change in the whole word, the same happens with people, a small change can make the difference.
  47. Sweet as a spoonful of honey
    Is the coffee bitter or sweet? The answer depends on the amount of sugar. The same thing happens with our lives, sometimes they lack a bit of flavor and all we have to do is fill it with a little sweetness. However, everything in excess is bad, you always have to maintain a balance.
  48. Annoying like a gale
    Do you guess what is so tiny and is floating in the air? Do not you know yet ?, the answer is very easy: The dust. Although in some spaces it will be difficult to distinguish its existence, it will always be present as well as the air. The same happens with the problems, they are flying around us, and sometimes they come directly to us forming a layer of bitterness that irritates us the moment. But as they come they also leave, we just have to clean up and that’s it.
  49. Stars, so far away and at the same time so close
    Do you know what is the best medicine? Although you do not believe it, it is the one we do not know. Why? Simply because we do not know its effect. What we do not yet know is what we need to be healthy, look for it and you will find it.
  50. Prologue, the beginning of a book
    When we start reading a book we always find a small text at the beginning, we called it an introduction. This tries to explain or detail what is going to happen throughout the life cycle of reading. The same happens with people, when we know them, we are given a brief summary about them, it will not always be the best, but it will tell you enough to know how to choose. The best of life is not outside, but inside, try to discover it!
  51. Speech, a story without end
    When we talk about trends, we immediately relate it to technology, and it’s true but not entirely. Why? Technology is based on knowledge, and this on research. Just as everything depends on another for its evolution, the same happens in discourses, so that a set of statements is a valid argument requires expressive resources and strategies that maintain a harmony. In the same way it happens with relationships, its formation requires the union of bonds for its creation. Remember that connections do not form from one day to the next, it takes time. Do not rush their creation.
  52. Curve, a direction without direction
    In life, there are many things that do not make sense, even those that we do not yet know. However, for other people they can have great meaning. What we understand, will not always be understood by others. Why does this happen? The answer is very simple do not follow the same path.
  53. Shortcut, a wrong path
    Life always gives us different ways to follow, but we always choose the shortest one. Why do we do it? The answer is quite simple, we want to advance more with the minimum effort. Not always the short roads reach the long road, and not everything easy is really easy. Remember that plants delayed to give fruit.
  54. Running, one step away from falling
    Many times we think that life is a flat road without imperfections, but we have never stopped to see the ground for a moment. If we observe it with a magnifying glass we would see that it is quite unstable. We tend to think that we can run at extreme speeds, but it is not true, we will always stumble upon something no matter how small. The question we ask ourselves is: Why? The answer is very simple: we do not watch only run.
  55. One word, one final without return
    We can do many things, both negative and positive, but just as we can create them, we can also destroy them in a matter of seconds, without being able to reverse them. The same thing happens with words, we can say them, but once they are heard, there is no way to silence them.
  56. Obsession, an uncontrolled direction
    When we want something it worries us so much until we reach the point of losing our reason. We have asked ourselves why it happens? The main reason is the absence of perfection, because if we had that we would be complete. Reality is very far from that statement, since we only want to fulfill a temporary desire that will soon vanish and we will return to the same thing. Remember that no one is perfect, only God.
  57. Rocoto, burning like fire
    The charm of every vegetable is not in its appearance but in what it has inside. Will you wonder why? Some are spicy, acid, sweet among others. The same happens with people, each one is unique and has a different flavor.
  58. Sweet like spring
    The spring flowers leave a smell for all the places they arrive, but as they arrive they also leave a sweet farewell that we will not forget. In the same way, people also fill us with joy, but it is up to us to take care of them so they can be back next spring.
  59. Onion, spicy as pepper
    Onions are vegetables that tend to look careless on the outside, but inside they are all wonderful, they are very beautiful. But just as they are, they can also make us cry if we get close. Remember that all charm ceases to be if we make others suffer, let’s not forget it.
  60. A flower, a beginning and an end
    We think that there was not a before for what we did, but the truth is that they are all links and everything was connected from the beginning. They were always there only to find themselves below what we are doing. What begins also ends and what arrives some day will go away. Like flowers, they start as a small bulb and then wilt as they get older.
  61. Heat, fresh but dangerous
    We have a wrong perception of relationships, we think that they will always last over time and it is totally false. The situation is not only based on what a person thinks, but both. There will always be ups and downs, but there will be a way to overcome them. However, routine is a key factor in breaking these episodes. The main cause is to think that changing partners will be the ideal solution. However, it is not always, because each person is a world and the less time you spend in knowing your space, you will not know anything. Remember that the most valuable is sometimes covered with a thin layer of dust. It’s time to clean up what you do not see and relive.
  62. Flower, pretty but thorny
    A flower would not be a flower but had petals, each one different from another. Their colors change their hue as their thorns vary in size. Its charm can be fatal, because whoever decides to tear it will be incarnated and will shed blood. The beautiful is not always nice at the end of everything, so to choose well. Remember that we only have one opportunity to choose the right path.
  63. Heart, small but at the same time so big
    Our heart is such a small organ that we could hold it with one hand, but we could also release it. Its job is to keep our organism alive, without it we would not exist. Sometimes the smallest can hide a great mystery, that we will only discover the day that is no longer with us. Let’s learn to value things no matter how small they are.
  64. Taste, more than a sensation
    When we try something for the first time we not only feel a taste, but a curiosity to know the unknown. Every time we drink a cup of coffee, its flavor is not the same nor the place, it depends on us. We can make the sweet is sour and the sour sweet.
  65. Love, something that goes unnoticed
    How many times do we see that person who makes us sigh? Maybe many or a few times, but when have you encouraged to go for this person? Surely still, because you are waiting for the ideal moment. There is no chance, destiny defines you and only you. So encourage yourself to take that big step that you do not want yet. Maybe when you decide it is not the right time. You do not lose what you never had, so try it.
  66. The small, the immense
    Material things often only occupy a space, but really do not mean anything, they are just objects. While a small gesture can change everything, from occupying part of our life to becoming part of it. Remember that the bigger a fruit is, the less flavor it has, while a small fruit can keep a sweet charm that you will never forget.
  67. What we do not see we do not know
    Human philosophy defines the abstract as something imprecise or ideal. Is this statement true? For many people it is totally correct, but what would happen if the unreal becomes something real or vice versa? Would it be true? Our mind is a totally undefined concept, what we know are theories. Is that why it stops being real? What we see will not always be explained, but it has a meaning for us.
  68. A look, an abyss of opportunities
    Many times we observe something and get so excited that we come to believe that it is the best thing that could have happened to us in life, but the truth is that it is just another event. Now think what does it have particular?, at first glance nothing, but the reality is different. The way we see things defines how we want them to be. Remember that we only live once and everything that happens is unique, so let’s start enjoying every second as if it were the last 😉 !!
  69. A ray of light in the midst of darkness
    When you think that life is going away and there is nothing else to do, the unexpected happens and you will think, Why now? Life is unpredictable, you will not always understand what happens. Maybe today you had the worst day of your life, but do not despair you still have a life ahead and at some point it will not be eternal. Just be patient, time will redefine your destiny, but do not forget to start doing what you want to happen. Do not wait, start living life, because there is only one.

Author: Ademar V. (2019)