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We offer a collection of best parenting quotes quotes on being a parent new parent quotes and funny parenting quotes sure to bring a smile to your face. You re not the first and you certainly won t be the last.

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56 parents quotes be inspired and encouraged by these parents quotes.

Funny quotes about parents tumblr. That s why you need a little pick me up like these funny parenting quotes to remind you that we ve all been. 15 funny parenting quotes that will make you laugh by elizabeth street parenting whether it s the sleepless nights the tantrums the back talk the teenage angst or any of the other countless challenges that confront every parent sometimes the only remedy is to laugh about it. Funny baby quotes for new parents 90 of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again the quickest way for a parent to get a child s attention is to sit down and look comfortable lane olinghouse.

As a parent there are days when you feel like you re constantly making mistakes. Here s the great thing about all these parenting quotes they prove you re not alone. If you are a new parent then read the wisdom of others on parenting.

My tumblr tumblr funny funny memes hilarious funny fails all meme to my parents faith in humanity restored this is a book. Jan 17 2019 i want parents like that oh my god i haven t even come out to my parents yet they said they d be heartbroken if one of their children were gay so fuckit this shit will never happen to me. You know those moments when you think i have to be the only parent who s gone through this stuff well nope.

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