God Is Disappointed In You Quotes


You have faithfully and earnestly prayed for weeks and months even years. You read that correctly.

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A wise man will always consider the possibility that he s wrong and he will welcome a second opinion.


God is disappointed in you quotes. Let disappointment and even disgrace help you come to terms with your true nature in life. How stupid you look when you re wrong is directly proportional to how certain you were right. Disappointment with god quotes showing 1 30 of 55 we tend to think life should be fair because god is fair but god is not life.

It s ok to be wrong once in a while. He chooses not to remember. Feeling disappointed quotes god s plans will always be more beautiful and greater than all your disappointments disappointments are god s appointments expectation is the root of all heartache when you release expectations you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.

But you are still sick still unemployed still childless or still single. This isn t because he s forgetful or flighty. And you are disappointed.

Once you come to him with a repentant heart and confess he wipes your slate clean. Sources of disappointment the only way that people can live in the world is to have some kind of god. In fact you are disappointed by god.

He does this because he loves you. Maybe you have longed for healing for a job for a baby or for a wife. The book of genesis is an excerpt from god is disappointed in you written by mark russell with cartoons by shannon wheeler in which they condense every book of the bible to a few pages each.

And if i confuse god with the physical reality of life by expecting constant good health for example then i set myself up for crashing disappointment. The next time you hesitate to come before god convinced he s disappointed in you remember these three truths. God is disappointed in you is a shortened and comedic re writing of the entire bible.

God doesn t remember your past sin. For many years my wife and i longed for pregnancy. If you do not experience god you make up a god everyone has a god here in the world.

Directives do not value pride.

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