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Lord krishna quotes and janmashtami wishes. All images designed by utkarsh tyagi.

Lord Krishna With Flute Quote On God Nourishes All Beings Krishna Leela Lord Krishna Flute Quotes

Krishna s parents were imprisoned but they made sure that krishna was brought up in freedom where he could discover his real self shunya.


God krishna quotes in english. Should be avoided by all means. 234 most inspirational rap quotes for hardwork and success. You have been born and brought up in the prison of society.

Lord rama quotes bhagavad gita quotes mahabharata quotes so here are 15 lord krishna quotes for you to read to expand your horizons of thinking. We should follow the quotes from baghdad gita by god krishna in our life. Krishna quotes in english krishna quotes on life.

Below are the famous lord krishna quotes which we combined from the hindu scripture bhagavata gita. Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten i manifest myself on earth. The sense objects is always a cause of distress and.

Lord sree krishna quotes on happiness with a picture. Best quotes by lord krishna jai shree krishna gm quotes jai shree krishna quotes pic jai shri krishna images with quotes jai shri krishna quotes in english krishna shayari hindi quotes about shri krishna radhe radhe image gud evening shero shayari on god shree krishna best quotes shree krishna love quotes shree krishna motivational quotes. 100 krishna quotes from the bhagavad gita.

14 pieces of news that should have made the. Never trust anyone completely but krishna. God krishna look upon all creature equally but if you keep your faith in him and worship him with love you can get a beautiful life.

Of lights he is the radiant sun. Kanhaiya quotes on trust and belief. Lust anger greed lord krishna.

I want to forget you but then realize that moving on also means accepting that some memories will stay forever. Happiness derived from a combination of the senses and. I am born in every age to protect the good to destroy evil.

So to celebrate janmashtami here are few quotes by lord krishna about his philosophies of life 1. The three things you shouldn t be. Do not let your heart be troubled.

Love people but put your full trust only in krishna. There are three gates to self destruction and hell. Krishna s maternal uncle kansa is a symbol of society that starts conditioning your mind as soon as you take birth.

God krishna quotes in english with an image for whatsapp profile death is as sure for that which is born as birth is for that which is dead. A man is made by his beliefs. Top picks for you.

Here are 25 quotes by lord krishna that appeal to humankind even today. Share those quotes with everyone to let them know. These lord krishna quotes will bring harmony and will help you to be calm.

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