God Loves Me No Matter What Quotes


It is a relief to discover that god loves us just as we are. Unfathomable awesome entirely beyond human expectation.

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God loves you and he wants you to know this.


God loves me no matter what quotes. I really do believe that god is love one of deep affection and grace and forgiveness and inspiration william p. His love comes first. God s love is much more than our human love simply multiplied and expanded.

You are loved perfectly unconditionally and unfailingly by god. I took your matter to the god of love to spare your life for long for me and i believe he granted my request to be with you forever. This attribute of god is one that makes me smile.

No matter how bad you feel god never sees you as a reckless person. No person that walks in this earth is perfect. He created you for a purpose.

God s love for us will ever be mystery. No matter what the people said no one can take you away from my heart. What comfort we can find in a god that loves us despite of ourselves.

He may see you as a sinner who needs to be re washed to get back to his old vision for his purpose but he will never see you as a hopeless being who was created for nothing. Long ago i came to the total assurance that god loves me god knows where i am every second of every day and god is bigger than any problem life s circumstances can throw at me. No matter what storm you face you need to know that god loves you.

Legalism says god will love us if we change. He has not abandoned you franklin graham. I know you came to this article looking for some great quotes and verses so i am going to let them do the rest of the talking.

Precisely because god s love is something no eyes has seen nor ear heard nor the heart of man conceived 1 cor 2 9 mother teresa meditated on it continuously and. Rob rufus living in the grace of god god s grace quotes. Enjoy the following 17 amazing quotes about god s love.

God loves you no matter what you have done in life. God loves you with flaws and all. No matter what you have done no matter where you ve been no matter what you feel god love doesn t fail.

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