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The more we try to protect god the less his protection is with us. Many people don t realize that sin can harm us in a plethora of ways and god tells us no don t do that for our protection.

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They will lift you up in their hands so that you do not even strike your foot against a stone.


God protect us quotes. Living by the will of god will keep you protected. What s wrong with us isn t a rap sheet of bad deeds but a damaged heart a soul sickness that plunges us into fearful self protection alienation from god and others. He says jesus if you trust god he will protect you don t the psalms say he will not even allow you to stub your toe.

If you re feeling worried or scared know that god is always there to protect you and guide you. Blessed are those who fear the lord who find great delight in his commands. Satan you see quotes psalm 91 during the temptation to try and derail jesus.

God protect me quotes god puts people in your life quotes quotes about protection gods protection quotes christian quotes about family god will protect you quotes abraham lincoln quotes albert einstein quotes bill gates quotes bob marley quotes bruce lee quotes. Psalm 112 1 2 praise the lord. God loves us and wants to protect us.

And if god doesn t do that he s not keeping his. Prayer faith religious trust in god relationship with god guidance protection strength god fear worry concern cute christian love god gifts religious love destiny trust in god. But the more we glorify god in everything we do the more he will give us protection wisdom timing and courage to say the truth about him for his glory not our glory indonesia123.

God s protection quotes for he will command his angels in regard to you t o protect and defend and guard you in all your ways of obedience and service. So surely you can throw yourself off this cliff with no worries. 11507 matching entries found.

God protect us quotes. May god protect us quotes sayings. Ask to be dead to this flesh body to be alive to god only and father will show you this as in phil 1 6 promise to us all to not give u p to belief he does just love us all and by him we will turn away from sin.

6 8 9 so if want to see truth about work s in trying not to sin see the truth and stop trying not to sin. Turn to father and son in fear of the flesh body we are born in. May these quotes and verses encourage and comfort you and remind you of god s divine protection.

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