If Beauty Was Quotes


Your outer beauty will capture the eyes your inner beauty will capture the heart steven aitchison. Coco chanel more coco chanel quotes.

Beauty In The Darkness Quotes Quotes Deep Life Quotes

The echoes of beauty you ve seen transpire resound through dying coals of a campfire.


If beauty was quotes. Life is full of beauty. A beauty different from the beauty of landscape and the cold perfect form. This is a beauty that has suffered its way through the ache of desolation until the words or music emerged to equal the hunger and desperation at its heart.

Beauty is an attitude anonymous. Nature s beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude louie schwartzberg. People are like stained glass windows.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself coco chanel. Beauty is a light in the heart ralph waldo emerson. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful for beauty is god s handwriting. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration and destroys the harmony of any face. A smile is its sword.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. When you love yourself that s when you re most beautiful zoe kravitz. 381 quotes have been tagged as beauty quotes.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful for beauty is god s handwriting ernest hemingway. Life rain dreams fight. Notice the bumble bee the small child and the smiling faces.

Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clean to the bone dorothy parker. There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion. Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.

Edgar allan poe beauty makes such a lasting impression on us because wherever we see it it appears to us as unique magnificent and strange at the same time. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Each beautiful thing is made out of a unique combination that cannot be replicated.

Inner beauty quotes the beauty that emerges from woundedness is a beauty infused with feeling. You know someone is truly special when the most beautiful thing they have on is a kind. There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.

Beauty is not in the face. Oscar wilde more oscar wilde quotes beauty is not in the face. Natural beauty quotes to appreciate life.

Beauty real beauty ends where an intellectual expression begins. Beauty is a light in the heart.

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