If God Is Omniscient Why Is There Evil Quote

One of the most famous propositions in the problem of evil dilemma. Therefore an omnipotent omnibenevolent and omniscient god does not exist.

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There is evil in the world.

If god is omniscient why is there evil quote. Another problem relates to the idea that god is omniscient. Still today the church has not managed to come up with a lucid. If he is omnipotent and omniscient he knows it is happening and he has the power to stop it therefore.

If its premises are true the conclusion follows of necessity. Is god willing to prevent evil but not able. This argument is of the form modus tollens and is logically valid.

The argument goes as follows. Everybody praises what he knows. Is he able but not willing.

The question of how evil entered the world created by an all good merciful god the so called theodisé question has been a stumbling block in christianity for the last 2000 years. The christian cannot accept the claims of some that god is not perfect and there are some things god does not control my wife barb and i suffered the tragic loss of our daughter rhoda a few years ago. Yet one thing is certain.

And or c not all knowing not omniscient because god only is aware of the suffering after. God the omniscient and the omnipresent cannot be confined to any one creed for he says in the quran wheresoever ye turn there is the face of allah. B not loving because this god has the power to prevent suffering but is unwilling to do so.

His god is his own creature and in praising it he praises himself. Is he neither able nor willing. We know that such pain never really goes away.

Then he is malevolent. If an omnipotent omnibenevolent and omniscient god exists then evil does not. They question why god would allow humans to cause so much evil and suffering if he had the power to stop them from doing so.

Is he both able and willing. A god that allows suffering to continue is either a not all powerful not omnipotent and is thus unable to prevent the suffering. Then whence cometh evil.

The existence of evil does not eliminate god. For i am god and there is no other. I am god and there is no one like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things which have not been done saying my purpose will be established and i will accomplish all my good pleasure.

While there may be many different propositions as to why god exists there are also a fair amount of propositions that attempt to disprove the existence of god. How can god be omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent if evil still exists in the world. Basically god is often described as a being who is omnipotent all powerful omniscient all.

Then why call him god epicurus. Then he is not omnipotent.

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