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Remember science fiction s always been the kind of first level alert to think about things to come. Quotes tagged as sci fi showing 1 30 of 715 reputation is what other people know about you.

Quote What They Didn T Realize Was That In Science Fiction Is Some Of The Best Social Fiction Of Our Time Doris L Science Fiction Quote Science Fiction Fiction

Honor is what you know about yourself lois mcmaster bujold a civil campaign.

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Sci fi quotes. Every science fiction movie i have ever seen any one that s worth its weight in celluloid warns us about things that ultimately come true. Checkout some of the greatest science fiction quotes of all time from the greatest sci fi writers to date. It s easier for an audience to take warnings from sci fi without feeling that we re preaching to them.

Quotes tagged as science fiction showing 1 30 of 3 018 i have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs i pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room ray bradbury zen in the art of writing. Like people say i m going to sleep now as if it were nothing.

Including douglas adams isaac asimov bradbury.

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