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The booking agent was getting them between a half a million and a million dollars a show as motley crue. Confessions of the world s most notorious rock band.

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Packing for the last time i ever leave on tour with motleycrue tomorrow mark s just 15 shows left.

The dirt quotes motley crue. The film based on the collective motley crue autobiography titled the dirt. Review of motley crue s the dirt netflix biopic. But i have never been through what mötley crüe put me through doc mcghee.

26 quotes from tommy lee. Confessions of the world s most notorious rock band stayed true to the spirit of the book in most aspects and only took a few liberties. For the hair metal band motley crue the dirt was a fitting title for a collection of true stories and biographical film.

Motley crue fun facts quotes and tweets. If the four members of mötley crüe were drunk or on drugs throughout much of the eighties might their. Just because we are wearing lipstick doesn t mean we can t kick your ass i m a hopeless fu ing romantic.

We were actually putting names in a hat. The fact is these guys were filthy unkempt unclean unpleasant unrepentant and they liked it that way. That s a part of me that a lot of people don t know about.

Best the dirt quotes. That begs the question. Then there was the manager who got 10 to 15 percent off motley crue.

Motley crue the dirt est. Gonna enjoy every moment ripmotleycrue. We did wanna change the name.

As these true stories show the notorious motley crue was a lock up your daughters bunch who had drug dealers and bombshell actresses on speed dial. The dirt quotes showing 1 22 of 22 on ecstasy joan rivers looks like pamela anderson so imagine what pamela anderson looked like tommy lee the dirt. I had been dragged through the deepest shit with all kinds of mentally ill people.

They know everything there is to know about another part of me but not a thing about my heart tommy lee and so there we were shooting jack daniels into our veins like what the fuck we can just. It was the people making an income off motley crue that talked us out of it. Netflix s the dirt was surprisingly well received by rock n roll loyalists even though fans initially had some issues with the film s casting.

I have managed the scorpions bon jovi skid row kiss. The sex the cash the fame living out a life you can t deny the drugs the lies the pain will neve.

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