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Man plans and god laughs a phrase that criticizes people s tendency to make plans as there is no guarantee that plans will work out. We make plans god laughs quotes sayings showing search results for we make plans god laughs sorted by relevance.

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With each stage of life we imagined who we would be when we arrived but when we got there things were not quite in place.


We make plans and god laughs quote. Mann tracht un gott lacht is an old yiddish adage meaning man plans and god laughs despite our most careful planning the road of life is unpredictable. Man makes plans. When we make plans god will laugh quotes sayings showing search results for when we make plans god will laugh sorted by relevance.

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We all have plans. I used to make itineraries for our vacations but nothing ever went as i had planned. We plan god laughs by sherre hirsch we have all heard the yiddish proverb man plans god laughs mann traoch gott lauch and every time we see on it on a bumper sticker we laugh too because we know it is true.

If you want to make god laugh tell him about y. Quote by woody allen.

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