Worst Trump Quotes

Some of these quotes are horrifying the kind of things you d be shocked to hear a distant relative say nevermind the potential leader of the free world while others are merely wacky. We ve collected 107 of donald trump s most eyebrow raising quotes and comments collected from interviews articles and tweets stretching back decades.

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President donald trump s 10 most outrageous quotes since taking office a year ago.

Worst trump quotes. A definitive guide to donald trump s worst quotes and coronavirus takes. By thomas barrie 27 may 2020. Many of which have been labeled inflammatory at best and dangerous racist or sexist at worst.

Every time donald trump has come out with an inspired comment. Well the fateful day is finally upon us businessman reality tv star and braggadocio enthusiast donald trump is running for president finally living up to the years of hinting teasing and. Newt gingrich former speaker and republican presidential candidate said it was one of the worst mistakes trump has made trump later said his comments had been misconstrued but he never withdrew or apologized for the statements.

Faced with coronavirus surges in some of the largest states in the country and a public turning dramatically against how he has responded to the crisis president donald trump spent 40 minutes of. And when journalists asked whether the same logic might disqualify a muslim judge from presiding over a. I ve already written the 25 best donald trump quotes and it seems like the right time to do the 25 worst quotes as well so primary voters can read both lists before they choose a candidate.

Here it is in all its glory.

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