You Can T Hide From God Quotes


God is omnipresent and omniscience. If you truly want to be respected by people you love you must prove to them that you can s.

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You may run but you can t hide from god.


You can t hide from god quotes. God was not meant to become part of you and you hide out in the closet. He can t see us so he assumes we can t see him. His word says our secret sins are in the light of his presence.

Don t downplay what god has done in your life. And its sad but they choose not to frequent church at all. I believe sometimes he laughs when he sees us closing doors and windows trying.

How like that three year old i can be like him i stand in plain sight of god. Don t try to hide god s blessings because a co worker might judge you and think that it s not fair. Some say i can find god out in the woods or down on the river.

It makes perfect sense to a three year old. You may cover your sins that no one else would know but you cannot hide it from god. Your family and friends might not know about your secret sin but god knows.

Trying to hide sin from god is like running from your shadow you can never get away. Everywhere all over the world this morning there are people who are not in church this morning for whatever reason they choose not to frequent the church on a regular occasion. I think he wanted people to see the christ in you that reflects him.

You can t run away from god because he knows everything. All the skeletons in your closet should be confessed because unconfessed sin can block you from god. Top 7 bible verses hiding from god i m hiding you can t see me he stands in plain sight and closes his eyes.

It s been printed all over so i don t feel like i am hiding anything. He is everywhere and he knows all things. I don t mind saying you know that i don t take a salary from the church and god has blessed me with more money than i could imagine from my books.

Don t apologize for god s goodness. Don t make excuses because a friend might get jealous. And close my eyes and shout.

You can t hide god in you. I don t think he wanted that. 242 quotes have been tagged as hide.

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